Step back - Check in - Move on

Self- reflection exercise to refocus on the future.

What an epic time we have been going through these past months. Have you taken a moment to reflect on yourself? How are you doing? How do you visualize the coming months?

It's necessary to not only rely on the storefront, but also check out the behind the scene and the storage to be able to apprehend tomorrow.

Making a personal inventory will help you know what you have learned, where you are at, and how you can refocus on the future.

The logical level of NLP is a great framework for gathering information and getting positive insights in how you can intervene in your daily challenges.

To make it simple, I would say that the logical level is a system where you organize your thoughts in different categories, like a personal filing cabinet.

Here are the main categories:

Environment - Where am I?

Behavior - What am I doing?

Capacities - What are my skills?

Beliefs - What is important for me?

Identity - What kind of person am I?

It's important to know that these levels are connected and when we get stuck with a problem at a certain level it can impact the other levels.

1. Personal inventory:

In your environment:

What change did you make these past months?

Where do you still need improvement?

List 3 to 5 options

In your behavior:

How did your behavior improve these past months?

How else would you improve it?

List 3 to 5 ideas

In your abilities level:

Which new abilities and strengths did you gain these past months?

Which one do you still need to explore?

List 3 to 5 goals

In term of values and beliefs:

Which old belief(s) did you let go of these past months?

Which new ones did you adopt?

Which beliefs do you still need to let go?

Which ones do you still need to consider?

In term of identity:

How did your self-esteem change these past months?

How do you still need to improve your inner sense of who you are?

List 3 to 5 ideas

2. Set up goals:

Now that you have a better clarity of where you are, it's to pick one goal and make a plan to achieve it successfully.

3. Go deeper:

Take a personality test. It's so interesting to understand who you are and why you do things the way you do.

Personality tests also help you improve your communication and relationships with people around you.

Here are my 2 favorite:

enneagram test

16personalities test

Stay focused on what you can improve or change. Cultivate a growth mindset and spread the goodness around you.

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