How to keep a green mindset during a pandemic

DIY and resources to stay "green" at home

My husband came back home the other day kind of upset and a tiny bit discouraged. He told me that local coffee shops didn't take reusable mugs any longer. He said that he started to question all the efforts and new habits we adopted in order to live a greener life. He expressed it felt useless during that time where health and safety are absolute priority.

Well, I felt his pain. This pandemic situation forces us to review our priorities and our expectations in terms of living a low impact lifestyle. Or does it? It's time for some compromises but not for giving up.

In my opinion, green living is a lifestyle, in which our daily actions have a low or no negative impact on the environment - which includes the willingness of reducing waste and carbon footprint, also simplifying our home and life - and it's also a way of thinking, a mindset. It allows us to make greener decisions and rethink our way of consuming as well as our beliefs and behavior. There is no perfect universal recipe to do this. It's an on-going process that demands the capacity to do small adjustments in life and shift our perspective. (Read more about it )

Don't forget that if you do your best, you do enough

Here is what I have learned in these past months of quarantine, and how I maintained a green mindset with positive energy.

Gardening hacks!

While we have to limit our moves and keep them to the essential necessity, I was not able to start gardening the same way I used too. Here are some interesting experiments I did.

I learned how to regrow plants from scraps.

Onions, beets, potatoes, carrots, herbs, celery... some of them will regrow entirely, some partially. The general technique is to cut off the head of your veggies and put them in water or soil - depending on which vegetable - until they regrow.

Here are some articles about how to regrow from kitchen scarps

How to regrow from scraps

11 plants that you can regrow

This year I regrew organic tomato plants from tomato slices!

You will need:

  • milk box - cut off one side and make holes on the bottom

  • organic soil

  • 2 organic tomato slices

  • water and sun

Get more inspiration for your garden in this blog post "Let our green heart bloom"

Go natural in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry!

I have already been using natural and eco-friendly products for my skin, my dishes and my laundry. Here are my favorite hacks.

Over 2 years ago, I trade my daily evening moisturizer - full of ingredients that I could not pronounce correctly - for a natural jojoba oil bottle. I added some tree oil and rose oil to it for even more beneficial results on my 40 years old skin.

I also replaced my make up cotton with reusable pads and I saved so much money and plastic waste.

I more recently adopted the awesomeness coconut oil as my eye makeup remover - which helps grow my lashes stronger and thicker. Its magic natural formula also helps grow my nails and nourish my cuticles.

Of course, opening windows everyday is free and harmless for the environment, but this natural refresher gives it a nice little sent to it. Here is the recipe for this one:

  • a glass spray bottle or repurposed bottle spray

  • water

  • 10-15 drops of essential oil - peppermint, lavender...

I did not find a detergent recipe that I really enjoy but I won't give up and will keep working on it. I chose to go with eco-friendly brands for now and use dry ball and essential oil as softener in my dryer. Here is how to make your own dry balls.

Get even more natural DIY "Clean, glam and Shine"

Get creative!

As a recycled artist at Aline's Cardboard, I love reusing and repurposing shipping boxes.

During our time at home we have been creative with recyclables and I am happy to share some ideas of crafts to do with your kids.

Make a nice basket from shipping boxes

For this one , you'll need:

  • a shipping box

  • Glue gun and gun sticks

  • twine

In order to support local businesses and restaurants during the pandemic we adopted "Wednesday night pizza". We reused the top of the boxes - no the greasy part, that, by the way goes to your compost bin - and created Hawaiian masks and portrait.

You can also reuse :

  • your paper scraps to try papermaking

  • the back of notebook to make earrings

  • the egg carton to make flowers

You can find even more inspiration here.

Stay informed!

Schedule a monthly environmental documentary movie night. Learn and stay informed. Here are some eye-opening films available on Netflix, Hulu or You tube :

  • The big little Farm

  • A plastic ocean

  • The 11th hour - Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Planet Earth

"Act as if what you are doing makes a difference. It does." - William James - 

Take the challenge!

I propose to take the first step toward a greener lifestyle. Take this 30-days challenge and spread the love.

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