How are you getting through a crisis by living intentionally?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, we obviously had to make some changes in our lives. We all needed some time to plan and adapt but we now have a new routine.

What do you notice about this new routine?

What small changes did you make?

What was the most challenging?

Here are my observations :

  • we slow down

  • we renew our priorities, to focus on what matters most to us

  • we refresh our perspectives

  • we reconnect with ourselves and create new relationships

  • we simplify our life and learn how to live with less.

We are actually taking the first essential steps towards an intentional lifestyle without even knowing it.

But what will happen next? Are you willing to embrace this new lifestyle from now on, taking with you the best of it in your "after crisis" life?

Let me help you get some clarity about living an intentional life.

What is intentional living?

By definition "intentional" means: "done with intention or on purpose".

For me, intentional living is a way of being, a mindset, that allows you to make daily mindful choices that are aligned with your personal values, aligned with others and with the environment.

Intentional living is about simplifying our life down to what matters the most, emotionally and materially, and get the best out what you want in life. it's also having a clear vision of what you want and why.

Intentional living allows you to become a better version of yourself, to learn how to be flexible, open minded and true to yourself.

Why is it important?

Intentional living is an opportunity to live your life to the fullest

It's empowering! It's the best way to take control of your life and your choices.

It's impactful and contagious, it brings Joy around you and fuels your soul.

Intentional living will help you get a better sense of balance in your life and grow your mindset.

"Find your purpose - your whys - and you'll find the greatest way to make a difference" - J.C Maxwell

How to live intentionally?

  1. Slow down - Step out of the auto pilot mode, leave your busyness and frantic life behind

  2. Make a life inventory - What gives you energy, confidence and joy today?

  3. Choose to reconnect with yourself - Visualize your intentional life, define and cultivate your values.

  4. Simplify your life - What do you want, what do you need, what is important for you and why? Declutter your home, tidy up your mindset, free yourself.

  5. Set boundaries - Learn to say No to what doesn't fit in #2.

  6. Value your time - What are your priorities, your responsibilities and your hobbies?

  7. Create new connections - Open your heart to others, smile, give, inspire

  8. Practice kindness and gratitude every day

Hi, I am Aline

Eco- Lifestyle and Mindset Coach.

I help eco-conscious people simplify and "green" their lifestyle, so they can thrive, make meaningful decisions while making tangible impact in the world.

Explore simple and sustainable ways to live.

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